Since its birth, Bitcoin has challenged people’s understanding of the concept of “currency”.

Due to the drastic price fluctuations and volatility, Bitcoin has long been thought to lack the monetary function of the ‘Unit of Account’. It’s application therefore is used more as a native reserve asset in the crypto world. Stablecoins on the other hand have long been regarded as the crown of cryptocurrencies, and among them, the algorithmic stable coin, which is purely regulated by the market and driven by mechanism design without the need for overcollateralization, is the jewel in the crown.

Source of stability

The YSD stablecoin will be…

Pain Points of Existing DeFi Yield Aggregators

A new wave of the DeFi mining era is coming as the booming of Algorithmic Stablecoins set in. However, these new projects are generally not investor friendly. The reasons are:

  • First off, high APY Yields usually come with high gas fees, as a result half a day of your income will probably go to Ethereum miners.
  • DeFi is growing fast. It takes a lot of effort and time to research and learn about new products and concepts even for experienced investors.
  • Higher APY might also mean a shorter mining window. If the amount of your capital staked is too…

After three months of long journey, pool1 and pool2 of Y3D prototypes have been discontinued and a total of 3000 initial Y3D tokens have been mined.

This week we cancelled the P3D fee for pool1 based on a previous community vote, and now you can exit in an orderly fashion (Pool2 couldn’t be cancelled because it wasn’t designed).

Based on community feedback, we will go live with the ETH version of Unisave Liquid Mining at 19:00 GMT on 08 December, with the first batch supporting the Unisave USDC/DAI, HUSD/USDC, HUSD/DAI stablecoin LP, releasing a total of 2,000 tokens over 49 days, have fun!

Mining Address:

WTF is Unisave?

TL;DR: Unisave = Uniswap x YFI
Swap | Info | Mining | Github | Annoucement(Chinese Version)

Unisave is a Uniswap compatible decentralized exchange protocol which introduced a few experimental features.

Key Features of Unisave

  • Auto Mining 🔨
  • No Protocol Fee 🎫
  • Self-adjusting Market Maker Algorithm 📈

Auto Mining 🔨

The biggest pain point of Uniswap is the extremely low asset utilization. These days people can invest their underlying asset into many DeFi aggregator system such as YFI, DFI and Harvest to get a considerable passive income. This income is more and more competitive compared to trading fees in Uniswap, and there is no fear of impermanent loss.

Dear Y3D Families. Yesterday, we announced the implementation date of Y3D Pool1 Loop Mining and Pool2 Halving. Today we are going to give you a preview of the features and gameplay of the upcoming Y3D V2 version. You can also get a sneak preview on Ethereum’s Rinkeby test site by visiting the address below.

Historical Review

In the past month, the Y3D community launched 4 sets of mining products (Pool1, yyCrv, yswUSD and yUniswap-USDT-ETH) and opened 2 pools (Pool1, Pool2), releasing a total of 2000 Y3D tokens. …

September Review

In the past month, the Y3D community launched 4 sets of mining products (Pool1, yyCrv, yswUSD and yUniswap-USDT-ETH) and opened 2 pools (Pool1, Pool2), releasing a total of 2000 Y3D tokens. At the peak, all pools had approximately over 8m USD worth TVL. Our community has been accepted by DeBank recently, and the new snapshot page is under community review as well.

October Mining Schedule

Based on the results of the previous vote, we decide not to burn out y3d from pool1 but add them back to the mining pool1, so the current updated timeline is as follows:

  • 10.01: About 200 Y3D will be put into pool1 for recurring mining.
  • 10.04: The output of pool2 will be halved for the first time.


yCrv is the liquidity token behind the Curve’s yearn series in YFI. yyCrv earns passive incoming in YFI as well as Curve’s trading fees plus Curve governance token via liuquidity mining. In short, yyCrv yield comes from:

  1. Passive incoming by YFI.
  2. Trading fees by Curve.
  3. Additional liquidity incentives by Curve.

No matter what direction the market goes in the near future, it seems that yCrv is one of the most stable financial portfolios at this moment. That’s why we select y3d-yyCrv Uniswap pair as our y3d liquidity mining LP token.

Generally speaking, in order to get yyCrv…

— 《桃花源记》



Princeton Junction 出发的 Train 里,对面的海报赫然兜售着 Blockchain 和 AI 网课,上面写着:区块链,人工智能,和云,不是科幻小说,是你的未来。


《聖人大盜》是一部有一點危險的電影,她的危險不在於打開了一扇通往隱密世界的潘朵拉之盒,而是向公眾揭示了我們的世界的存在。雖然她在類型上是成功的,劇作上也比《私室》要高明些,沒有《MrBartender》那麼淺薄了,但是她們的核心仍有相似之处、都不露痕跡的把 Jack 的野心符號精心設計在影片的每一個細節之中。

遺憾的是,影片中對 StartUp 的描述略顯有一些倉促,無論是對於 CEO 尹子翔個人創業動機的刻畫,Nick 的債轉股的邏輯描述,都不太能夠經得起推敲。這方面,無論是 2010 年上映的《社交網絡》,還是最近剛剛開始播出最後一季的《矽谷》,都更好的能夠展現出 StartUp 的混亂與激情。特別是對於小益這一角色,《矽谷》中都的描繪都更加豐滿鮮活。

而主角團之外,徐菁與林明衍的處理都明顯更加成功。從開場林明衍在天台倒酒的演出,不僅讓人聯想起大蕭條時期的倒奶事件,這裡引出了本篇所要探討的第一個命題 —— 既對稀缺性的探討,而這種認為製造的稀缺性在影片中也被反覆提及。而女主角徐菁這個角色在劇中的設定則更加令人玩味,對徐菁的童年身世,在開場就經由徐菁自己之口像主教全盤托出,而這種表述的直接,反倒加劇了我們和主教團對她的不信任。這種矛盾和衝突隨著影片的展開也變得越發不可調和了。

女主角有著令人同情的過去,童年時期的不幸遭遇,給徐菁帶來了心裡上的極大的創傷。缺少父愛和溫暖使得這個小女孩孤獨而無助,而徐菁之所以會從事基金經歷這一職業,也和童年的不幸經歷相關,她要借助金融的纜繩向上爬,尋找自我的救贖,而這種救贖恰好投射在了殺掉自己生父的林明衍,對林明衍的依附歸結於少女少年喪父而產生的戀父情結,徐菁必須要超越他才可以完成救贖。而這個精密的計畫在男主團出現之後終於找到了投射,而監理沙盒的出現,探討了影片中的第二個命題,那就是事實上的兩種雙生區塊鏈的存在 — — 是荷爾蒙克斯那樣處廟堂之高的 Libra 抑或是 DCEP?還是從泥土和野火中誕生的普羅米修斯式是 Bitcoin?That is a question。與其說徐菁是在為了幫助男主團進入監理沙盒,不如說是為了自己的弒父計畫。監理沙盒,又恰恰是一個我們所熟悉的台灣在地命題。與《聖人大盜》同期上映的電影《返校》的原作者在台北遊戲開發者論壇曾經做過一期《在地題材國際化》為主題的演講,對此我非常認同,創作一定要講身邊的故事,身邊的人才會有共鳴。隨著互聯網的發展,這種紀錄和創作的門檻正在得到前所未有的降低,從過去我們的記憶只有司馬遷,到今天的我們正在有無數雙眼睛,無數段文字同時在紀錄和表達。而《聖人大盜》就是這樣的一部電影,與其說尹子翔是 Jack 個人的投影,不如說是 Jack、Jeff、Tina 幾個人組成的群體意識。而最終,女主在男主的幫助下完成了弒父,獲得了精神和肉體的自由。最後那輛在高速公路上奔駛的卡車正是一個隱喻的父權符號。

上文 里說到,這幾天我在 Crosslink 作為文字組的志願者,此次我負責這個議程的記錄,裡面非常多的 insight,我聽了非常感動。

會後,陳品來和我說,這次有一點遺憾是自己選擇使用英文,但是自己的英文並不足夠流利,使得大概只是介紹 slide 內容本身,如果用中文的話,就可以捕捉到更多的信息了。但是我覺得現在的版本就已經足夠好,會議當天臺下也有很多 foreigners,這種偶爾選擇走出自己舒適區的方法也是非常值得鼓勵!

陳品和我同是 TPE 的演講者,同時又都在去年成立了自己的 Dapp Startup,我們之間 share 著許多共同的觀點,這一次能夠記錄這個議程,也可以從側面描述一些從我的視角出發的補充論據。這里順便吐槽一下,剛從大阪 Devcon 回來,去了北京 Drago …


Telegram: MinakoKojima

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